04 Best B2B Lead Generation Ideas For 2019

What do you guys understand by B2B marketing? What works best when it comes to B2B lead generation?

B2B marketing is an event when an individual business sells or buys directly with other business. All this occurs when-

  • A business that delivers raw materials to other company uses them in the production of their output product. For instance, a salt manufacturing company sourcing supplies to a firm which uses it for producing their final food product.
  • A business that requires services related to other functional reasons like a company needs an accountable organization to audit their transactions.
  • A business that re-sells services and products produced by other firms. For example, a dealer buying the final product from the real producer.


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What you folks comprehend by the term “lead”?

If we put this in simple words, lead symbolize a person or a company which you are hoping can likely turn into your potential customer. Without seizing proper leads for its business, one will never manage to achieve its corporate goals.  

Business to business lead generation is the lifeline of today’s sales processes. In short, without this, a sales representative not able to find potential prospect for their business exposure.

Most of the marketers nowadays using online B2B lead generation ideas and techniques to make the whole process active and even more useful.

So, in this blog, we are going to learn in-depth about the best four ways to generate business to business leads in 2019. So here we go!


Email Marketing:



Email marketing is one of the traditional as well as a practical approach to lead generation in the b2b marketing sector. It is strongly believed by many experts in the technological field that email is one of the excellent invention ever taken place in the past few decades. Electronic mail (email) as we know is a method used to exchange digital messages over the Internet was invented in the year 1972 (about 47 years prior) by Ray Tomlinson.

Email automation tools are doing wonders in the landscape of generating leads for B2B. Marketing automation refers to the technologies and software created for assisting businesses to market their brand and services when it comes to doing the same tasks on multiple online channels in more than no time.

Email marketing tools help businesses to connect with their customers via sending multiple automated emails in a more personalized way. So, even in today’s era of social media platforms, emails play a very significant to originate leads for b2b marketing.


Content Marketing:



You might have heard this thing many times before that Content is the ultimate king when it comes to business marketing these days. Content in any form like blogs, info-graphics, articles, illustrations, images, videos, and many more ruling the roast nowadays. Content marketing is the perfect mantra which businesses are applying in recent times to grab every possible attention of people online.


Businesses use content marketing for the following reasons-
  1. To convert people into a prospect and moreover customer (lead generation).
  2. To engage users on online spaces like social media platforms.
  3. To intrigue people towards their brand in an extraordinary way.
  4. To improve its customer base in a humongous way.

It does not matter what your business model is all about content marketing always rock and will continue to be. Therefore, content marketing should be your prime objective.


Search Marketing:



Organic search marketing is perhaps one of the most valuable long-term strategies to generate business-to-business leads. Search engine optimization plays an important role when it comes to leverage search marketing thoroughly. By making use of correct SEO maneuvers, one can improve its organic ranking on Google and possibly on all search engines.


You can generate potential business leads from search marketing by following below-mentioned ways:
  • Must target long tail keywords for optimizing your site in and out.
  • Check the bounce rate, organic click-through-rate, and time-on-site parameters flawlessly.
  • Look after your site smooth run interface for mobile phones.


1. Target Long Tail Keywords-

It has never been easy for a new business website to see the light of the day immediately.  It evermore takes about six months to one year for a site to grab people’s attention and generate considerable traffic through SEO business lead generation techniques.

If you want to beef-up this slow process, then start using long-tail keywords instead of short-tail keywords. As we all know, long-tail keywords are a combination of two or more phrases or words. These types of keywords are not usually under the radar of competition and easy to rank on search engines. There are examples of some businesses which have seen quick results within six months by making use of long-tail keywords.


2. Look after these parameters in a thorough manner:

There are many factors which SEO analysts and marketers concerned to optimize any website effectively. These three are the most significant aspects we have to look after.

Organic Click-Through-Rate (CTR)-

This is one of the most crucial factors in regards to tracking your site performance on search engine platforms. It shows how many people are clicking on your site link organically. Not automated! The higher CTR your site will get, the faster your website grows, according to SERPs that is Search Engine Page Results.

Bounce Rate-

The bounce rate is also one of the primary parameters considered especially by marketers as well as by search engines to kind of gauge your website overall operation. If a user left your site immediately after landing that’s called bounce is a wrong sign of impression and enhance your site’s bounce rate. This slightly indicates Google that your website content is not that effective or relevant to viewers which moreover reduces website ranking.

Time On Site-

Whenever a user arrives on your site and scroll down all the pages and look at every detail, then it shows Google that your website content is intriguing and highly relevant to users. The total time people spend on your site counted under time on site.


3. Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly-

Last but not least, the thing that means a lot of search marketing is working on your website on mobile phones. As per the statistics of 2019, the absolute number of mobile users in the world recorded 4.68 billion. That’s big!  In 2019 the predictions are that this amount will surpass the tremendous number of 5 billion. Now you can imagine, the importance of your website smooth interface on cell phones. If you would not manage to improve your mobile site interface, then it’s harsh, but the truth that there is no future of your online business. The mobile interface no longer gets viewed as something exceptional. Instead, it becomes a necessity that you have to accomplish.  


Social Media Marketing:



According to recent stats of 2019, there are mind-blowing 2.77 billion social media users reside in the world. Social media marketing is bobbing like wow all across the globe. From Facebook to LinkedIn, all social networking sites become a hub of posts related to business marketing.

So, Do you genuinely want to generate a b2b lead for your business? Then it’s impossible without social media marketing.

Stats said nine out of ten B2B companies make use of social media platforms to reach out to relevant leads for their services. No wonder, LinkedIn is the most used social media platform for b2b lead generation. It’s the most famous social network for b2b marketers. It consists of yelling lead conversion rates. So, it is best to make use of when it comes to generating business leads.


These are the top four ways to generate business-to-business leads in 2019. I hope the above blog will help to develop the best b2b marketing strategies for your organization.

So, what’s your most preferred tactic to grab b2b leads? Please let me know in the comment section below.


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