10 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Sending Emails In 2019

The email has been an essential part of business marketing tactics from past many years. It is a marketing phenomenon that fully used by business firms to market their products in a useful way.  

So, let’s first brush up the knowledge we already know about Email Marketing.

“Simply, the use of emails for promoting business products and services is called Email marketing.”

According to a survey done by Radicati Group study in 2018, about more than 3.8 billion people use email. Hence, we can say that half the people of the entire planet have email accounts. At the end of 2019, this number is expected to reach 5.6 billion.

No wonder, email marketing is there to stay irrespective of all the odds. Businesses are using Email Marketing Campaigns for surviving in today’s passionate competitional surroundings.  

However, there is so many faux pas we do in our daily life while sending emails without knowing that it can affect marketing strategies seriously. So, what to do for standing out from the crowd? How can we fix these email blunders?

Therefore, in this blog, we have come up with these ultimate 13 mistakes that everyone should avoid while sending emails. Here are they-


Confusion Between The Reply And Reply All Option:


The email consists of a vast variety of features. Amongst all of them, reply and reply all are two significant aspects of email. But, we somewhat misuse both of them in numerous ways. First of all, we have to understand when to use “reply” and when to utilize the “reply all” option.

So, below is a quick and short guide about their best use. Let’s take a look!   

Use “Reply All” When:

Only when you have to respond to more than a single person.

For example, if you are targeting a particular group of people as per some demographics beat age, gender, or location via email marketing. And they have messaged you some of their queries. Most of their questions are the same. So, instead of replying them separately, you can go for Reply All facet.

Use “Reply” When:

Only when you have to respond to a single person.

For instance, if you receive a company-wide email and you want only some people to see your response, then can prefer the option of the only reply with Cc. So, only relevant people can see your email.


Not Proofreading Email Before hitting the Send Button:


Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors have become common in today’s time when people don’t have time to tune up their content correctly.  That’s why it is critical to proofread your emails before sending. Especially, when you’re conversing with some of your business clients. Spelling mistakes and grammatical blunders can assuredly make you feel embarrassed and also tend your business partners to question your credibility. So, be attentive.

You can write your emails in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. These tools inform the writer whenever there is some mistake about spelling and grammar in the written lines. You can also access the Grammarly tool. It helps writers from minute details to huge grammar issues.

Hence, once you complete with the proofreading of the written email including the name of the company, recipient name, email address, and all. Then, your email is good to go.


Lengthy Subject Lines:


You may also many times came across some of the emails with a subject line like evening meeting, regarding project insights, and many more. This kind of subject lines can annoy the recipient and therefore moved directly to trash. This type of subject writing shows how lazy and uninteresting the creator is. So, don’t ever use these type of cheesy lines.

Look for hacks to develop the best subject line as per the situations. Therefore, tempt people towards your writing pattern in and out. Subject line for corporation emails should be brief and straight to the point. That should cover all the necessary details about the email.


Lazy Greeting Patterns:


It’s very crucial to start your email on a good greeting note. Else, you will end up creating a very dull email. As we all know, there are some formal and informal greeting ways like hello or Good morning and many more to use while writing emails. But, not all of them apply in every case. They should change as per the recipient to whom you’re regarding the email.

So, assume if you are writing an email applying for a job, then can’t greet the recruiter with hello. It will seem too informal that’s sound quite rude here. In this way, we make this mistake multiple times. Therefore, if you’re writing to one who’s senior to you in the corporation, then must approach them with respectful and humble words.

You can dig in thoroughly while searching for the company background if you’re writing email based on the job application. So, get the information about the department of the organization, as you can also directly regard them like Dear and the name of the department. But, make sure to not use the cliched version of greetings like Dear sir and Madam. All this resembles very old-fashioned and makes your email writing seem very tedious.  


Not Making Use Of One Liner Emails:


A study conducted by Litmus in 2018 revealed that about 46% of emails get open in mobile phones. Hence, if you are writing a long paragraphed email, then there are chances that very fewer people show interest while reading it. Nobody wants to go through a saga kind of email. If you are extremely obliged to write a detailed email, then make use of bullets to make it look managed.  

Otherwise, always go for one liners when it comes to writing emails like a professional. Keep everything straight to the point. People like to associate with emails written in fewer words yet seem descriptive and short. All this increase chances of recipient reply you back. Also, these small practices make your email quite mobile-friendly.


Not Considering The Time Of Sending Emails:


Time at which you send emails shows a bit about your professionalism. Sending of emails at night or weekends cause a very negative impact on the recipient concerning your familiarity with the corporate world. So, watch out the time whenever you send emails to anybody. As long as possible, always try to deliver emails within business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Absence Of Email Signature:


Nowadays, only writing of name doesn’t get seemed as something called signature. Your Email signature should be like wow. And it’s also a fabulous way to add details about yourself without making your email look cluttered. You can also add your contact information, head shot image, title, and all the relevant words of acclamation at the end of your email. All this information will surely make the reader go through your entire email without getting bored.


Neglecting Call-To-Action Button:


As we all aware of the fact that emails play a significant part in marketing tactics.  According to the promotional strategies, when emails get sent to a large section of people simultaneously. So, they come to know about business services in a precise manner.

These days, marketing tactics can’t gauge users reaction without making use of call-to-action. CTA helps businesses in pushing the audience to take instant action. That action can change as per diverse marketing strategies. In the end, all business organizations ultimately want to gain prospects for their services via different mediums. So, CTA plays a biggish role in that.


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Use Of Same Fond Style:


Making use of different fond is a great way to add some aesthetic features to emails. While in case of personal accounts, you can go for the Gothic font. However, in case of professional email stick by fonts like Time New Roman, Arial, Trebuchet MS fonts.


No Email Shortcuts:


Use of email shortcuts has become a need of an hour. As per the studies, the average officials spend about 28% of their time on emails each week. That corresponds to eleven hours in a week. So, to lessen your errands must make use of keywords shortcuts in emails.  


These are the top ten errors which you should not repeat this year. I assure you by following the above suggestions you always profit when it comes to email marketing.

So, which mistake you always end-up following while sending emails? Do you found the above blog helpful? Share your opinions in the comment section below?  \


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