A Complete Guide To Cross-Channel Funnel Marketing

Nowadays, because of online media, marketers have so many options for advertising their business. However, to gain success in business, you need to create a path to reach your customers. Sales funnel is the marketing method, which connects the pathway of the business platforms to their customers.

Using marketing channels, you can attract the attention of the audience on your business platform. However, between the path of connection, you may need to cut through the clutter before reaching customers. There are so many companies who are trying to enhance their reach with potential customers while you need to stand out from them and try to gain more engagement.

The best way to achieve this is cross-channel funnel marketing. In this article, you will learn about cross channel marketing and how you can use it to boost your sales funnel.

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What is Cross Channel Marketing?

Cross Channel marketing can be defined as the seamless experience of customers. While using the combination of multiple channels.

It makes use of different channels to connect with the audience, and it also enhances the overall experience of the consumers.

cross-channel funnel marketing
Cross-Channel Funnel Marketing

Even though you might be able to get a certain level of success using a single marketing channel. Using cross-channel marketing, you can enhance your reach to more audience while providing them with a seamless experience. According to the research, around 72% of the customers would like to engage with their service providers through multiple platforms.

However, Cross Channel marketing is not the same as multiple channel marketing. Or you can also say that it integrates all channels to provide hassle free service to consumers. Using Cross Channel marketing, you intensify the funnel to provide drips to your business platform so that you could be able to gain more sales opportunities for your business.

Cross-Channel Funnel Marketing to Improve Your Sales

With Cross channel marketing, it has become easier for marketers to funnel potential leads into their platform. That way, you can create multiple path and channels to connect with your future customers. And it will also help you to increase the conversion rate of your business.

cross-channel funnel marketing
Increase Your Sales

By including the cross channel marketing ideas into your sales funnel, you could be able to enhance your reach with the audience. It will help you to generate more leads for your business, which you can target and try to convert them into sales. You can improve communication with your customers to gain repeated sales for your business.

Core Pillars of Cross Channel Marketing: Social Media, Content & Email Marketing.

cross-channel funnel marketing

To ensure success in your cross channel marketing, you need to integrate three core pillars of your marketing strategy; i.e. Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Email Marketing. Utilizing these methods in your marketing funnel, you can create the framework of your overall marketing strategy.

That way, you can optimize the SEO tactics to improve the viewership of your website. You can also drive more web-traffic from social media and email marketing and ultimately that traffic would get converted into sales.

Once you start gaining more customers on your site, you need to start nurturing them. So that you could be able to get the input of referrals and repeat customers in your sales funnel. For that, you need to build a strong relationship with your customers using social media and email marketing channels.

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, most of the marketers are utilizing social media platforms for marketing purposes while they are mainly leaning towards Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest. There are also some paid social media marketing tools and services, using which you can target your audience to gain more followers, likes, and visits on your channel. You can drive that traffic into your commercial site and guide your potential leads into the funnel. With well-crafted social media marketing strategies, you can foster your relationship with customers. So that it will help you to improve the sales conversion rate of your business.

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

When it comes to content marketing, it can really be the dark horse of your marketing campaign. In the present generation, most of the marketers are giving value to social media platforms for marketing needs. While content has never lost its shine, with good content, you could be able to express your marketing performance.

Content Marketing

Many of the marketers have limited their content into blogging only. However, beyond blogs, there are other different ways of content marketing to support the SEO of your website. There are many other channels to promote your content like social media, Q&A sites, Infographics, Podcast, Newsletter, Articles, Case studies etc. Based on your targeted keywords, you can start the link building process to promote your website into the top pages of search engines. It will also help you to create cross-channel paths for your brand to your customers. So that you could be able to gain more engagement on your business platform while you can also nurture your existing consumers to get repeat sales for your business.

Email Marketing

It is one of the most effective methods of Internet marketing, and even now it holds the job of a powerful sniper for target marketing. If you want to target your audience to gain potential leads for your business, then email marketing is your fortune key. It can also help you to build one on one personal relationship with customers. Email marketing plays a crucial role in generating ROI and encourage repeat sales for your business.

Email Marketing
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By integrating your social media, content and email marketing into a cross-channel funnel, you could be able to get more traffic on your business website. To set up your cross channel sales funnel for your business, you can opt for the world’s best drag and drop funnel builders- i.e. Kwik Funnels.

Here are shown some of the best features of Kwik Funnels:

  • Kwik Funnels allows you to create an unlimited number of standalone pages on your website domain. That way, you can create content on different pages to funnel your audiences and convert them into sales.
  • You can also integrate it with multiple marketing channels and track the activities of your audience using Google analytics and Facebook pixels.
Kwik Funnels
  • You can also merge it with your email marketing campaign to target your potential leads and try to convert them into sales for your business.
  • It not only helps you to drive web-traffic from multiple marketing channels while it also creates seamless functioning of the funnel from the Landing pages > Upsells > Downsells > Checkout pages > Thank you pages.
  • Through the process of getting traffic on your website from different channels. Kwik Funnels tracks the information related to the activities of users. In such a case, you can encourage your customers to increase re-sales and avoid abandoning of carts.

By improving your sales funnel techniques, you can enhance your cross channel marketing. That way, you could be able to influence people on your website through multiple channels without any disruption.


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