Sales Funnel Stages: The Journey From Initial Contact to Final Sale

With the ever rise in the population of the world, comes an ever ending opportunity of gaining consumers. But with the pool of companies out there ready to compete with your services, how can one make sure that they successfully earn the maximum customers and never lose them in the future? Here is when sales […]


08 Top Social Media Lead Generation Tactics You Should Consider

Before talking about social media lead generation tactics, it’s so important to discuss what we understand by the term lead. Business leads play a crucial role when it comes to marketing. They bridge the gap between enterprises and customers. They help companies to come in touch with the most potential prospects for their services and […]


04 Best B2B Lead Generation Ideas For 2019

What do you guys understand by B2B marketing? What works best when it comes to B2B lead generation? B2B marketing is an event when an individual business sells or buys directly with other business. All this occurs when- A business that delivers raw materials to other company uses them in the production of their output […]


How To Craft Marketing Sales Funnel That Generates Massive Sales?

A couple of years ago, a very dear friend of mine requested me to help him in his new startup business, as similar to other new enterprises he was also in need of more sales as well as customers. To help him, I read tons of marketing blogs and attempted to try all the latest […]