Comprehensive Sales Pipeline Guide: 5 Steps To Build and Keep Sales Pipeline Loaded

The question rising in your mind now is similar to the thing you thought about when you started building your business — how to keep the sales pipeline loaded? Which means, how can you continue to increase brand exposure, generate new favorable heights for your company, and get a large number of organic leads?

Have you tried many things — paid ads, email marketing, sales call, etc but nothing works as you would like it to be working? Not getting the results you need for your business to grow and prosper?  Are these some of the things how it feels? 

Don’t worry! In this guide, I intend to showcase it in the best possible way. 

Here’s is the outline – 

  • What is the sales pipeline?
  • How to build a highly converting sales pipeline?
  • How to keep it full and gain high-end leads? 

Sales Pipeline – What Is It?


The sales funnel offers a graphical display to the salespeople about the customers who are there being a part of the sales process. And sales funnel also helps sales managers and representatives to foretell revenue by seeing at the phases in which the openings are and estimating how many will close as deals within a given time limit.

Each opportunity will pass at a different rate through your sales funnel, in accordance with the level of urgency, interest, work done, and so on.

There are few people who use the term “sales pipeline” and “sales funnel” mutually. But the fact is that a sales funnel got built to turn customers to autopilot, large range of sales pages, join-in forms, and sort forms.

And on the other hand, a sales pipeline, includes a touch of one or more salespeople. That means a sales representative jumps up and down at every phase of stages, which helps to push the customers along. This kind of personal touch is quite necessary  with high-ticket items which require considerable attention and/or negotiation.

It is critical to building your sales pipeline purposefully based on what will turn the most prospects. Although this seems to be an obvious truth, sadly, 68% of businesses have not tried to measure their funnel.

In fact, 37% of marketers claim that prospecting is the most difficult part of their job (i.e. building out their sales pipeline).

Thus, everything doesn’t get fixed by getting a sales pipeline at a particular place, but it definitely helps to boost your closing rate and enhance the total number of leads that you receive.

Highly Converting Sales Pipeline – How To Build It?

Here are the 6 easy steps to build lead-generating sales pipeline from scratch — 

Step 1: Distinguish Your Ideal Target Market and Customer Profile


The primary step of any successful sales funnel is to have a process at a particular position that draws customers from different platforms like blogs, articles, social media, etc. As, the ultimate goal is to draw organic customers that have high-end shots at converting normal audience to the paid ones.

If you are planning to start up your own business or recently started, then by looking at what your rivals are doing you can ‘funnel hack’ the process. Simply look at what they do with their blog, or how they run Facebook ads, check out the landing pages, how their prospects are eligible or you may also create user acquisition funnel

For example, check out Kwikfunnels, a company that helps businesses get more leads from their unlimited stand-alone pages:

When looking at landing page forms, websites, and ads of your competitors, make sure to make a note of how they’re crafting their messaging.

Kwikfunnels qualifies their leads by asking their name and email address. This helps to enhance the probability that users who sign up would be the ones whom Kwikfunnels can convert as the customers. 


Step 2: Boost Your Actions

As soon as your customer lands from your advertisement or blog post on to your landing page, build an emotional response inside them to begin the rest of the cycle.

One simple way to do that is by putting your landing page congruent, along with the ad that you place it before. As if the content appears to be different from that of the landing page, then there are higher chances that your consumers will get confused. 

Step 3: Identify The Stages

The tertiary step in building your pipeline is by determining every stage which you are going to guide your customers through – starting from a higher stage to lower practical stage.  

Therefore, check out the important things needed by your potential clients before selling your products. 

  • What are the main concerns? 
  • What is the ideal tracking number?
  • How long do you typically take them to buy from you?
  • How can you follow up with your customers – emails, texts, phone calls, etc?

Here are a few examples of how your sales pipeline stages would look like, and the way it can be executed. 


Exploration — What are the ways to find your consumers? Are you planning to run Facebook ads? Sales call? Cold email? Searching for referrals? Or all of the above? These are some of the things which you need to think and consider while building your sales funnel

Qualifying —  How do you screen your leads, so that your salespeople don’t waste time with tire kickers on the phone? It could be as simple as getting a secondary form when new opt-in leads asking about income level, decision-making ability, and other qualifying factors.

Proposal — As soon as you get some qualified leads, what will your suggestion look like? Will you be able to do it over mail or via phone? 

Follow Up — How many times do you need to follow up along with your customers? Some of the experts say you need to follow at least 5 times before quitting. Also, take care of the ways you follow up.

Close — So what will the closing process look like for those who decide to work with you? Will you just send out the contract by email? At what point are you aware that someone is ready to send you the contract?

Step 4. Create Transitions

How do you convey that to your team when a prospect moves from one point of your sales pipeline to the next? How will you ensure customers don’t get in the shuffle of sales? How do you polish the processes of internal things and ensure the smooth operation of everything?

The answer to this question is to obtain the tools or software, which helps to organize the sales lead and generate easy transactions of the pipeline, which allows people to know when to sell, what to sell, and whom to sell their products.

If you don’t build seamless transitions, the bigger will be your team of sales, important will this phase become, and the extra jumbled things will get. Thus, try created desired transactions as per your required needs.

You will get amazing features which allows you to track and analyze the transactions using Kwikfunnels. As Kwikfunnels provide the complete tracked information user’s device, browser, geographical information, etc. It helps you in getting real-time stats of the transactions, unique information, etc.

Step 5. Reissue And Improve Each Stage

Regardless of how hard you put in, there are very rare chances of getting your first draft to be the best. In fact, — there might be no perfect sales pipelines. There would always be opportunities to learn and improve.

Therefore to constantly optimize and iterate the sales pipeline, a process needs to be followed. 

This is the point where you should not plan to leave a chance. As the winner is the person who iterates and learns consistently for the longest period of time. Thus, use this step as a fundamental and long-term thing for your sales pipeline maintenance.

If you have a membership in Kwikfunnels (or are considering trying us out), our service includes inventory management services as well as 600+ templates to make your funnels stand out from the crowd.

Know more about the journey of customer acquisition with Kwikfunnels here.

How To Maintain Full Of Promising Leads In Your Sales Pipeline?


Here we get to the real gist of the problem. You can create a pipeline designed to turn customers into profitable ones until you burst your eyes. But in case you don’t fill the pipeline’s front end with positive leads, it will not provide the best results.

As a positive result of the sales, pipeline relies on the quality as well as the number of leads that enters into the sales funnel.

Hence, how are you planning to manage your pipeline packed with organic leads?

Prevent Transferring Funded Traffic On To Your Site…

Most of the business people send traffic directly to their main site, considering people will know about their products, and  services. This process usually used to work fine in the olden days of online marketing. As some of the competitors were not there online. Whereas now it’s not at all safe to transfer the content directly to the main website URL. 

Not only this, even if you are using cold emails, running sponsored ads, or cold calling, then don’t send users directly on to your money site.

It is the vital reason why people strain to keep their pipelines full of high qualifying leads. 

Keep Your Pipeline Full Which Type Of Funnel Should Be Used?

What are the things to stop spending money on paid ads and get a strong ROI from all those hard-earned cash?

On the whole, getting higher leads on sales pipeline doesn’t mean investing on paid ads, that means, sending paid traffic to the place where we can get high conversion leads. When your paid ads and sales funnel keep the forepart of your sales stream lined with organic leads, that will be the thing which people dream to have — market your own services or products over email, text, or phone calls to those leads.

Yet one thing is for sure — if you don’t find them first, you can’t push those leads further down the sales pipeline. And that is just what a sales funnel is going to help you do.

To get the clear picture of the content check out the below mentioned video to know how to create the best sales funnel for your business, which will help you the best to get high leads. 

But if you are not sure yet, then start your trial now with Kwikfunnels. 


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