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Conversion Rate Optimization: Ultimate Guide For Sales Conversion

Do you know the sad thing about the market? 

Around one-fifth of companies aren’t satisfied with their sales conversion. It sounds very demotivating, especially for those who have recently initiated their business at the online platform. However, now the entrepreneurs are also becoming smarter and using conversion rate optimization strategy to boost sales for their business. 

Even if you are getting enough traffic on your website, but it doesn’t mean that you would be able to convert all of them into sales. If you really want to increase the sales for your business, you need to enhance the experience of visitors to your website.

Do you also want to know how? Here we have tried to answer every question of yours and will also help you to understand about CRO, which you need to know as a website optimizer.

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What’s Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

In the online marketing platform, CRO is the process to tempt website-visitors for investing in the products. With the implementation of a few modifications and adjustments, there are chances that visibility and the sales of the website may increase.


Nowadays, most of the marketers are making use of the funnel marketing system to enhance the CRO of their website. By creating multiple landing pages, upselling and down selling pages and through blog articles on the website, you can also optimize your money site. And it would help you to attract more visitors which can be convertible into potential customers for your business.

Here we have shown some of the other benefits of doing CRO on your website:

Benefits Of Doing CRO On Website:

Home Page:

If you want to CRO your website, you should start with the homepage of your website. That way, you can make sure to make the right first impression on the visitors. The homepage of your website is also like a gate through which passerby (website-visitors) can proceed further into your webpages. For that, you can feature links to product information, offerings, free shipping and other attractive features of your services on your home page. While you can also add a chatbot and live chat to sort out the solicits from visitors. It would help you to enhance the user-experience of your website.

Website-home-page-Conversion- Rate-Optimization


Pricing Page:

If we are talking about the sales conversion, pricing page is the crucial part of any business website. With the application of the CRO process in the sales page of your website, you could be able to increase the chances of converting visitors into customers. Usually, marketers give special offers and discounts to attract the attention of their potential customers so that they could be able to gain more sales for their business.

Blog Page:

There is a saying that goes, “content is the king of marketing”. Yes! That’s true. In fact, nowadays, most of the marketers include a blog page on their website. As it also became a good way to share the informational and helpful content to the visitors. While blogging can also help you with enhancing the CRO of your website. By adding CTAs (Call to Action) and some landing-page backlinks to your blog article, you could be able to attract more audience to invest in your website.



Landing Page:

The sole purpose of landing pages is to increase the conversion for the business website. It is a page of the money site where visitors would land after clicking on the CTA buttons, Google or Facebook ads and other online adverts. That way, you can direct visitors to your website to invest in your brand and services.

You can also create as many landing pages you want, using the world’s best drag and drop funnel builder- Kwik Funnels.

About Kwik Funnels:


Kwik Funnels is an online sales funnel builder using which marketers can create a flow in their marketing to increase their sales. This software let you create an unlimited number of stand-alone pages for your website through which you can attract more traffic on your website. While you can also add custom checkout pages, upselling and down selling pages and thank you pages on your website. That would help you generate more potential sales opportunities for your business.

How To Create Landing Pages Using Kwik Funnels?

  • After buying the subscription to Kwik Funnels’ service, you would get access to two different portals. One is “customer portal”, and another one is “admin portal”.


  • Login to the admin portal of Kwik Funnels Dashboard.
  • To create stand-alone pages for your website, here you have the option “Pages”. Click on that.


  • It will show you a drop down options – Create New and All pages.
  • By clicking on all pages, you can check the pages which have already created for your website.
  • To add more pages, again you need to go to the “Pages” and click on the “Create New” button.


  • It will take you to the section of the “Create New Page” option.
  • Here you need to add a page title, and after that, you need to add a domain for the page you are creating.
  • You can opt for the domain according to the product and the pages you wanted to add to your website.


  • After that, there you have a section where you have different options for creating pages for your website.
  • There you have options to create sales pages, upsell/down-sell pages, affiliate pages, squeeze pages, checkout pages, thank you pages and other pages.


  • Below that, you have different options with the templates and layouts from which you can choose the best-suited one for your website.

To know more about how to create landing pages for your website, you can also check the video shown here:


How’s CRO Going To Help Your Business?

CRO is very beneficial for online business, as it is giving the untapped opportunity to marketing teams to gain more sales conversion for their business. By applying a few CRO adjustments to the website, you could deliver for bringing more conversions for your business.

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Create Text Based CTAs:

Call to action has become one of the leading means to gain web traffic. You can use CTA buttons with email marketing, social media marketing, and you also add them into your blogs as well. However, you need to make sure that your CTAs are implying the action you wanted from it. For that, you can implement text-based CTAs, which could be more tempting to viewers who want to take real action.



Test Your Landing Pages:

If you have created multiple landing pages to your website, you can also perform the split test (A/B) to check their individual performance. That way, you can analyse the landing pages, which is getting more clicks and conversion. Based on that, you could also be able to improve the performances of other landing pages.

Conversion To Marketing Qualified Leads:

Sometimes you don’t need to nurture leads to convert them into hot leads. There might be some people who want to invest in your service just after landing on your website. These types of leads are called marketing qualified leads (MQL), as you can easily convert such leads into sales. To make it easier for them, you can provide them with links or CTA button, which directly leads to your sales page.


Automated WorkFlow For Better Sales:

To create a better sales flow for your business, you need to funnel your marketing and link it to your sales page. Using the world’s best drag and drop Kwik Funnels software, you can create a multichannel flow of juice to your website. You can create n number of landing pages, checkout pages, upsell/down-sell pages, thank you pages on your website. That would help you to create an incoming juice flow on your website, and later you can convert that flow to gain more sales for your business.

Add Live Chat Option:

Now it is also possible to sort out the solution of the visitors of your website in real-time. You just need to add a live chat option on your website, using which your visitors can ask their queries. 


For example, if a visitor has spent more than a minute on your webpage, live chat/chatbot can automatically offer them help. And it can also encourage them to invest in the services.

Optimize Your Blog Post:

Blogging can really be the best way to improve the SEO performance of your website. While it also lets you enhance the CRO of your website. There might be some blogs on your site which have high traffic but low conversions. You can target such blogs and add some tempting call to actions to gain more sales conversions for your business.

Engage And Retarget To Leverage:

You may take any measures to increase the sales activity on your website, but the reality is that most of the visitors may not be ready to take action. By leveraging retargeting, you can re-engage with such visitors of your site and try to convert them into sales.



Wrapping words:-

To sum it all, we can say that CRO is quite important for increasing the sales conversions for your business. Based on what I have experienced, I can suggest that implementing the ideas and strategies shown above can help you to optimize the sales performance of your website, and you could bring more sales opportunities for your business. I hope that you find this article useful. If you have any further queries, you can write to us in the comment section given below.


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