Funnel Hacks Revealed: Smart Steps To Marketing Success

Nowadays, every marketer wants to use sales funnel marketing tactics to grow their business. While some marketers make use of funnel hacks, a quick way to build a successful marketing funnel. 

What is funnel hacking?

Funnel hacking is a process where you need to dig into the marketing funnels of your rivals. This will help you to construct a funnel which can get more sales and revenue for your business.

Instead of working from scratch, you can track the customer’s jourFney flow of your competitor’s funnel. By taking an example from that, you can create and make tweaks in your own marketing funnel.

However, during the process, you have to consider various factors, like you need to check your competitor’s sales pages, their landing pages, emails, retargeting ads, social media marketing etc. It won’t be easier for you to hack your competitors funnel.

Here are given some steps following which you could be able to perform funnel hacking smartly.

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List Out The Competitors Whom You Want To Investigate


The first step is to find the competitors who are selling similar products and services as your company. There might be a chance that your competitors are also looking for the same thing as you. In such case, you can make use of the best marketing intelligence tools which can help you to analyze the ads strategies of your competitors on different platforms like Social Media, Email, Google Analytics etc.

Check The Funnel Strategies Of Your Competitors

Sales funnel is a pathway created by marketers, which allows them to control the juice flow coming into their website. It shells the money-generating process which happens inside. It won’t be easier for you to map out the entire funnel marketing strategy of your competitor’s website.


In that case, you can take screenshots of their website pages and other marketing platforms where they are getting traffic on their website. For that, you can make use of screenshot tools which allows you to take screenshots of your competitor’s whole webpages.

You can save those screenshot images in the form of folders and subfolders on your system. So, it will be easier for you to understand the marketing activities of your competitors.

With the different levels of the funnel, it might be a bit more complicated to specify every single step. However, you can simplify the process by organizing screenshots in the format shown here:

Front End Pages: 

These are the landing pages which you come across on your first click to competitors ads.


Back End Pages:

Landing pages which are specially created for introducing upsells, down sells, and cross-sells etc.

Ad Copy and Creative:

You need to make sure to find the ad copy and creatives of your competitors, which they are using to drive traffic on their landing page.

Email Follow up: 

If your competitors are taking email-follow up on the back end, then be sure to check their email-autoresponder.

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Make Use of Technology Triggers

The real purpose of funnel hacking is to leverage a similar flow as your competitors are using to attract their customers.

Sales funnel have many different stages while it includes two main processes:

Driving traffic and converting that traffic into sales.

For both the processes, marketers make use of tools and resources to get more input and generate more output from their sales funnel.

Here, you will learn about the tool, using which you can learn about the sales flow of your competitors and can also implement them to get more conversion for your business– i.e. Kwik Funnel.


Kwik Funnel is an online sales funnel builder, which can help you to get sales flow in your business platform. So that you can drive more traffic on business website and you can target them to convert them into sales.

Features of Kwik Funnel:

Unlimited Number of Pages

This tool allows you to create an unlimited number of stand-alone pages on your domain. For example, you can create pages for free shipping offers, landing page, lead magnet, custom checkout pages, individual product pages, up-sells, down-sells etc.

Awesome Integrations

It lets you integrate with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels for easy third-party tracking. While it also has a feature which allows you to integrate it with automated email marketing sequences like MailChimp, GetResponse, AWeber.

Create Your Marketing Funnel

It also helps you to control the flow of your marketing sales, which you can turn into the form of incoming traffic to your website and target those traffic to convert it into sales.

Track and Analyze The Process

The pages created inside the all-new drag and drop Kwik funnel are fully tracked, which shows detailed information about the customer’s device, browser, geographic location. While it also shows the overall stats of your sales conversion, which allows you to track the total checkouts and abandoned carts. That way, you can also make some amendments to fix the issues with the abandoned cart and enhance the conversion rate of your funnel.

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How to Use Funnel Hacks For Growing Your Sales?

When you are analyzing the flow of your competitors funnel, you need to check the products for which they are targeting. By investing in the products of competitors, you can check out the flow of their funnel depending on the products.  It might be a bit more expensive, but also an essential process.


By analyzing the offers given by your competitor’s ads, checking their up-sells, down-sells, and their conversion, you can also replicate their data in your funnel to improve its sales flow.

Hacking of Frond End Landing

The initial offer of the product which takes you to the landing page refers to the front end of a funnel. Based on the few industries, it can be referred to as “low ticket” item (Less Expensive Product).  Before showing you their upselling products (Expensive Products) in the back end, it will present you with their front end landing pages.


Hacking of Back End Landing

Back End landing pages contain the products which are expensive and get better profit than Front End landing pages. However, hacking of the back end is more complicated than the front end, as it ascends the customers to invest in the higher ticket products or their alternatives.

For example- In restaurants, you can try samples of different dishes, as a starter (Front end). If you are interested, you can order that dish for your main course as well (Back end up-selling). But, if you are not interested in that dish, you can also try other dishes (Down selling or Cross-selling).


Hacking of Retargeting Ads

If you have invested in a brand product of a company, they might target you with ads for your revisit to their website. Usually, marketers retarget their users by showing them offers on other products as well. It might help them to upscale their business as it can bring more visitors on their landing page, and it may create better sales opportunity for their business.

Email Sequences Hacking

To discover more opportunity for sales, marketers send follow-up emails to their subscribers. You can also join such a subscription to receive the follow-up emails from your competitors. While there are email automation tools like MailGaze using which you can analyze the email sequences of your competitors and later on, you can implement the same tactics in your funnel.


Wrapping It Up

All in all, we can say that the Funnel hacking is becoming an important part of marketing tactics. By digging into the marketing strategies of your competitors, you can improve the flow of your own funnel. That would also help you to boost revenue of your business.

Are you ready to include Funnel Hacks in your marketing strategy?

If yes, then you can follow the steps shown here for your successful marketing.


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