Ultimate Guide to Create High Converting Landing Pages

Want to build high converting landing pages for your website? Creation of a landing page is not rocket science. However, there are many aspects which you need to consider while crafting your landing pages.

An effective landing page is not all about design. While considering the looks, you shouldn’t forget about what customers want from your website. The conversion rate of your website mostly depends on the expectation of your customers. By fulfilling the expectations of your customers, you could surely be able to enhance the conversions from your landing pages.

This guide is going to cover all the necessary things you should know about landing pages and how to create one to gain more conversions for your business.

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What Is A Landing Page And How It’s Different From Home Page?

Marketers often get confused about the home page as a landing page. To understand the difference between them, first, you need to understand – what is a landing page?

Like every marketer, you would like to gain more traffic on your money site, wouldn’t you? Even if somehow, you could be able to attract people on your website. It won’t give you any conversion until you add enticing sales and offers pages to create a sales funnel on your money site.home-page-landing-pages

Some marketers even use their home page as their landing page. However, from what I have seen, most of the home pages are cluttered with the information and offers. While there is a possibility that your target audience can miss the track which you want them to follow.

In such cases, you need a standalone landing page, which can specifically enhance the sales conversion on your money site. You can create as many landing pages as you want, but there is only one homepage per website.

By creating more number of landing pages to your website, you can improve the sales opportunities for your business.

How To Create High Converting Landing Pages?

The whole purpose of crafting landing pages is to boost sales conversions. You just have to craft a few sales pages, offer pages, upselling/down-selling pages to your website. However, if you want to hike your conversions through the landing pages, then you should consider a few points shown here:

High Converting Landing Pages

Eye-Catching Tagline:-

You might be spending a lot on social media and email marketing to generate more traffic to your landing pages. However, if you would like to have more conversions, you need to have a captivating heading on the landing pages. With an enticing headline, a landing page could be able to keep the attention of the audience for a longer interval of time. That way, it can also grow the chances to increase the sales abilities of the landing page.

While creating a strong headline for your landing pages, here are shown some ideas which might help you:-

  • The headline should give information regarding the products you want to sell.
  • Shown information in the headline should be crystal clear and easily understandable to the audience.
  • The product should deliver all the promises which you have mentioned in your marketing campaign. And the heading of your landing sales pages needs to be relevant to that.
  • Credibility and empathy are the two things which can help you to grab more attention from the audience. You need to make sure that heading on your landing pages enhance the overall reliability of your website.

Here is an example of a landing page which has all the qualities shown above.


In this example, the heading shown on the landing page represents the service of that website.

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Compelling Subheading:-

Although the heading of the landing page is the centre of attraction still, you should also focus on the subheading of your landing page. Heading can help you to keep the attention of the visitors, while subheading can help you to grab more sales opportunities for your business. Using a persuasive subheading, you can target your potential customers to invest in your brand products and services.


Graphics And Pictures:-

Without attractive graphics and images, landing pages can become lifeless. Images not only helps you to enhance the looks of the website while it also gives a brief explanation of products and services. You can also customize images according to the content on your website. It will help you to attract the attention ofvisitors on the best features of your brands.

According to research, most of the people follow the actions what they see. To check this out here we have an example. Have a look.


There you can see that the baby’s gaze is falling on the text part of the webpage. It influences the viewers to have a look at the content of the website. Many of the marketers use this phenomenon (eye-tracking) to catch the attention of viewers on their website.

Give Enough Explanation:-

Of course, customers don’t have so much  time to check every single feature of your products. To gain high conversion from landing pages, you need to show the best qualities of products on your website, which your customers deserve the most.


Have a look at this image. It’s tempting to the viewers who want to get a fit body. The bold part of the text shows that the customers of this website deserve to become fit with their weight-loss services. In the rest of the context, you can add lorem ipsum to explain the graphics in your landing page. That way, your webpage would appear more attractive to viewers.

Call To Action:-

Sometimes too much of explanation isn’t required. Instead of that, you can add a call to action button, which creates a single path for visitors to convert into customers. If customers are ready to invest in the products, they need to click on the CTA button.

While adding a CTA button on your landing page, you need to make sure that it should be easily visible to the audience. Make use of eye-catching phrases to grab attention.

You can also make use of different colours to make it stand out from the other contents in your landing page. To catch the attention of viewers, you can also make use of graphics like shown in this image.


The graphic of the cart in the CTA button encourages viewers to include that item in their cart as well. You can also use similar graphics in your CTA button to increase the upselling from your landing pages.

Opt For the Right Landing Page Builder:-

On the market, there are many tools available using which you can build landing pages on your site. But if you want to funnel juice flow into your money site. Then you should invest in the best drag and drop sales funnel. There are some of the other best landing page building tools like KwikFunnels, Clickfunnels, Instapage, Leadpages etc. While comparing their features, I found KwikFunnels is the best out of them. 

Have a look here ?


See, what Kwikfunnels can do much better than other landing page builders.

About KwikFunnels:-

With drag and drop feature, it’s quite easy to build high converting landing pages using KwikFunnels. It lets you create an unlimited number of landing pages while you have quite a number of options with templates and designs also. You can also integrate your sales funnel with other automation and marketing tools like – MailChimp, Aweber, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels etc.


But the best thing about this tool is that it functions as an analytical tool also. You can check and compare the conversion rate of your best performing landing pages using a split test. That way, you can increase the chances of getting checkout and lowers the chances of cart abandonment from your website.

To know more about how to create high converting landing pages using KwikFunnels, watch the video shown here:


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To end things off, I would say that you should consider the above-shown points while crafting landing pages on your website. Creating multiple landing pages like sales page, upselling/down-selling page, checkout page etc can surely help you to enhance the sales for your business. However, if you want to pull out high conversions from each landing pages on your website. Then you need to bring more creative and thoughtful ideas to build a high converting landing page. If you have some great ideas, you can share it with us in the comments.


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