How To Craft Marketing Sales Funnel That Generates Massive Sales?

A couple of years ago, a very dear friend of mine requested me to help him in his new startup business, as similar to other new enterprises he was also in need of more sales as well as customers. To help him, I read tons of marketing blogs and attempted to try all the latest and best-proven marketing tactics but none of them, worked and I couldn’t understand why?

All the products were extraordinary even though our company sales did not increase. That means I was committing a similar mistake which everybody commits when they are just getting started as I was trying to sell our products all the time.

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Whenever any visitor comes to my friend’s site, I would endeavor to get those guests to buy. I utilized distinctive styles of content writing, tried various link building processes, offered great discounts but, nothing worked.

If I think back, I can precisely see why that didn’t work, but I did not know anything better at that point of the time.

Let’s imagine an instance if you visit a clothing store and look at a beautiful dress that grabbed your attention. As soon as you enter the store, a sales representative inquires whether you’ll pay with money or card. You haven’t looked at the other color options available, checked the fabric, tried it, even then this salesperson continues approaching you for your payment details. Then, you’ll end up leaving the store without buying anything.

I was absolutely similar to that salesperson very pussy, ineffective and inappropriate.

It is clear why this technique doesn’t work in reality, however, it’s effortless to forget but difficult to overlook that these principles apply in the online world as well.

Then I planned to set up a marketing sales funnel.

Marketing Sales Funnel

As soon as I implemented the funnel strategy on my friend’s site, things appeared to be unique: business began developing and producing income without doing any extra work—only the little effort need to be put while building the funnel.

If you as well don’t have any marketing funnel for your business, then check out the below-mentioned points to build a high-quality funnel for your site, using which you can grow your business in no time.  

Set the Proper Foundation


Most of the business people make a direct plunge contra to the marketing strategies without having proper preparation, that enables them to comprehend their clients at a more profound dimension. It is considered to be an immense fault.

As hopping into marketing without completely understanding the real requirements of the clients is said to one of the primary reason why new companies flunk. More than, 64% of new businesses go bust as a result of scaling rashly, implying that they induct greatly in hiring people, marketing and so on.

Though, performing client research takes a lot of effort and time. Thus, many marketers usually end up pouncing this step as it’s easy to dive inside and start testing on the lines instead of making tons of customer research calls.

But, the business owners who profoundly understand the feelings of their intended interest group can make the right product for them at every progression of the channel which substantially guarantees success.

The best thing for doing the research appropriately,

Know Your Ideal Buyer Demographics


Demographics refers to the defining characteristics of your targeted audience, like gender, age, location, income, etc. It will help you in getting some level of information, using which we can judge their buying decisions.

According to some recent surveys, advertisers should concentrate on the two marketers.

  • The primary marketers characterize which is your central market.
  • The secondary marketers brawn out that central market.

Therefore, concentrating on a small group of people, determining the things which are vital for them and the sort of things they wish to have, etc. will make it a lot simpler to manufacture or add to your purchaser persona.

Use The Behaviorism Of Your Buyer Personas


Knowing about the behavior of your users is considered to be one of the most significant steps when creating your marketing reports. As, when you will understand their attitude, personality, thoughts on various points, then you probably can write desired content, advertisements which you can easily resonate with and boost your conversion rates.

As, usually people make purchasing decisions on the grounds of emotions, and then rationalize it with logic.

Though, finding the likes and dislikes of customers can be little complicated especially for those businesses who don’t have a lengthy email list. Thus, here are a few ways with which you can get some perfect customers who would help you to succeed.

  • Using your alumni data


Individuals are substantially more prone to accept your call if they realize that you’re from their institute of graduation. Almost everybody has an association with the school or college we went to, and we feel a quick association with other people who moved on from a similar spot.

If in case you are not having proper data of your school or college friends then you can search for them using different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

  • By turning the site traffic into counsel calls


By having a conversation with your site visitors, you can easily understand the character of folks who are visiting your website, so that you can align your marketing trends and strategies explicitly to them.

You as well can use various automated tools, which directly asks queries to the visitors who arrive at a particular page on your website. Once your customer’s answer, then you can ask them to enter their mail id so that you can schedule to call and learn more.

Once you acquire profound knowledge about the psychology and demographics of your best reliable customers, it’s an ideal opportunity to proceed onward to the more strategic components of constructing your sales funnel.

The Primary Components of High Conversion Sales Funnel Include:

An ordinary funnel usually starts from the awareness stage and finishes with acquiring the guests to make some move that transforms them as a client.

But, the conversion funnel isn’t exactly equivalent.

The Conversion funnel is a path which customers take on your website, which at last results in good conversions. By building a conversion funnel, you can easily measure why some customers nod off at some step.

Step-1) Allure Awareness


Initially, you have to attract maximal awareness from the correct potential clients.

If you would pursue your exploration legitimately, you will precisely know who you’re endeavoring to focus on, all the things which they used to depict their issues, the kind of items they care about, and places where they spend time, etc. This information will help you to generate a good number of sales and create awareness for your business.

Step-2) Start a relationship with your new leads


Once you draw cognizance for your business, it’s time to start a good relationship with the customers. One of the best and easiest way to do this is by requesting them to provide their phone number or email address. Once you get their mail address or personal id share valuable content with them and try to build a close relationship.

Step3) Build the relation


After starting a relationship by getting the email address, now it’s time to start marketing.  

Since your customers have already shared their interest in your brand and product, then they will wish to know more about the company testimonials, success stories, etc.

Email marketing not only helps you in building a closer relationship with the audience but will also help in converting your leads towards paying customers over time.


One of the most significant things to consider with the conversion funnel is that your work doesn’t finish after an individual joins to become your customer — it is the point where actual work starts.

Usually, returning clients spend 67% more than new clients. Thus you ought to put in a lot more effort into building relationships with your current clients so that they 1) return and purchase again, as well as 2) transform into your greatest supporters.

Thus, check out the referred points and create a high-quality funnel which would help to skyrocket your business similar to the way you couldn’t if you were trying random tactics.  


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