How To Optimize Your Customer Acquisition Funnel?

Do you think that the customer journey is choking in your sales funnel? If yes, then you need to optimize your customer acquisition funnel. So you could be able to bring more conversions for your business.

Though you might have a well-drained conversion funnel in your business. However, there might be some customers who don’t follow the path which you have created for them. Since most of the advanced sales funnel are designed in the same way, which may be or may not be customer-centric.

Every customer has their own set of priorities. Even if they are interested in your brand, you won’t have the surety of getting conversions. Some people can have their expectations, which may differ from what you are presenting to them. Depending upon how the market is behaving, you need to shape your funnel. And match it according to the need of the hour.


To create a customer acquisition funnel for converting most of your prospects, here I have come up with some tips for you:


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What Do You Mean By Customer Acquisition Funnel?

To put it in simple words, it’s a process of converting new prospects into customers. For a long time, marketers have been visualizing sales funnel as a conical design that has a wide front end and a thin back end. In the middle, there are some sections that show the different stages of the funnel. In this model, leads come through the front end of the funnel and pass by different stages to give conversion in the end.


Sure, this can be a good way to gain more customers for companies that have a steady flow of juice in their business. However, for most of the startup companies, it doesn’t work very well. As it won’t be an easy job to find new sales prospects from scratch, and it would be even tougher to gain conversion in the end.

In such a case, what you need is a customer acquisition funnel, which can help you to find customers from multiple ends.


Why You Need An Acquisition Funnel?

Even if you are a startup company, you might be getting some visitors from your funnel. To gain more conversions on your money-site, you need to identify the blockage points in your customer acquisition funnel. 


Here are the few things which can clog your sales conversions:

  • You are getting engagement on your website, but they are not converting into potential sales prospects.
  • The top end of the funnel doesn’t have enough leads.
  • Many users have signed up for free trials, but they are not investing in paid services.
  • Your target audience isn’t responding to your CTAs.

Because of such problems, your business will get low conversions at the end of the funnel. However, you can sort out such problems. And for that, you need to enhance the user experience. Just try to be on the shoes of your customers and deliver what they really want from you.


How to Implement Customer Acquisition Funnel?

It’s a type of funnel which can help you to fish out new prospects. Or, you can also say that using this funnel, you can target people to drive conversions into your business. To gain better customer acquisition for your business, you need to work on multiple aspects. Simply working on SEO tactics won’t be enough. While you also need to work on enhancing the user experience.


All you need to do is to convince your customer to take their first call to action to generate leads for your business. Just offer them what they want to have, get them the quality they needed in your service. You can target them with attractive offers and sales pages on your website, which they can’t neglect. You can also utilize one of the best drag and drop funnel builder – Kwik Funnels, to create highly converting landing pages for your website.

For example:- Suppose you are a customer, browsing for any service/product. You got a hungry retailer in the way who would like to help you in the process of getting the right product/service. Won’t you be glad to find someone like that?


Implement Customer Acquisition Using KwikFunnels:

KwikFunnels is the perfect tool to customize the customer’s journey into your sales funnel so that you can get more sales conversion in the end. Here are shown some steps using which you can implement customer acquisition in your sales funnel.


Step 1: Start With KwikFunnels:

Select the best plan of KwikFunnels according to your requirements and sign up for its service. Once you have provided all the information and paid for the service, you will receive an email to your registered email id. To activate your KwikFunnels dashboard, you need to verify your email id. After verification, you can fill up your profile detail information like name, username, email address, password, contact information.


With your username and password, now you can access the customer dashboard of KwikFunnels. From the customer board, you can view all the information about the service you have acquired, showing your personal and subscription information.


Step 2: Add Your Products:

Now that you have access to the customer dashboard, you can add your domain to the platform. On the customer dashboard, there is a green button that lets you move directly to the admin dashboard.


To start your campaign, you have the first option to add your products. After creating products, you need to create landing pages and display your products. That way, you could be able to encourage customers to invest in your products. With KwikFunnels, you have the option to create sales pages. (Like squeeze pages, offer pages, checkout pages, thankyou pages) Using which customers can check your products and services.


Step 3: Build Your Funnel:

After creating landing pages, you need to link it in your funnel to get more revenue. Under the campaign section, you have the funnel option using which you can link landing pages to the conversion end of the funnel. It will create an automated system to measure out the customer journey at any point.


After creating a funnel, you need to specify the layout of your entire store. Using manage layout store feature, you can utilize uniform layouts for all the products’ pages.


Step 4: Navigation & Mapping:

In the campaign option, the next feature you have is navigation. With navigation, you can assign various categories of products and services pages like Products, Terms & Conditions, Return Policy, About Us, and other pages on your home page.


Next, you have the mapping option. Using this setting, you can edit the page mapping to a domain. In case you have multiple domains registered on KwikFunnels, you can use this feature to change the mapping of your funnel. Same way, you can also use the all domain mapping option to fix mapping pages with other domains.


Step 5: Checkout:

For an easy acquisition process, you should have a facile checkout option. To create an effortless journey for customers, you need to implement the checkout process with fewer clicks and pages.


For doing so, you have the page checkout option under the campaign section. Using which, you can customize checkout pages of your products and services with media files like pictures, videos, audios, and docs, etc. Here, you can also collect the email id of your customer whom you can encourage to bring more conversion for your business. Just after the Page Checkout option, you have a media option where you can add media files in your funnel library.


Step 6: Customer Acquisition:

Next, you have the coupon option where you can create discount offers for your customers. So, you could be able to bring more customer engagement for your business. After that, you have an abandoned cart option, which lets you check the orders discarded by customers.

There you also have the option to include social proofs of the satisfied customers on your home and product pages. That will help you to attract more people to buy your products. You can integrate your funnel with multiple payment gateways. And you can also analyze your sales performance through its report section.


With the implementation of the above-shown steps, you can create a hassle-free customer journey using KwikFunnels. 

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Optimize Your Customer Acquisition Funnel Now


Right Time For Customer Acquisition:

Too much attention can be irritating for the customer, and it will spoil the whole course of your actions. The Acquisition funnel is a cyclic sales process in which you need to implement your strategies at the right time. So you could be able to nurture your prospects and convince them for conversions. In simple words, you need to develop a good customer-retailer relationship.

Just like the usual sales funnel, you need to start by educating people about your products and services. In the second part, you need to address the requirements of your customers and provide them service according to their needs. It will help you to get conversion in the third part of the acquisition funnel.


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3 Main Stages of Customer Acquisition Cycle:

Here we have shown three main stages of the customer buying cycle to process your acquisition funnel:



In this stage, you need to make people aware of your brand product and services. Try to get the attention of people for your brand through social media, media, web-content, and email marketing, etc.



Here you need to convince people to be interested in your services. While you can offer special free trial services to your customers. And make them learn about the unique features of your product, which makes you better than others.



Those who passed through the above process will most likely be interested in your brand. You can provide them with CTAs to make the buying process easier for them. Also, don’t forget to develop a bond with your customers so that you have the opportunity of getting repeat sales for your business.


Wrapping Words:

By optimizing the customer acquisition funnel, you would be getting new sales prospects. While you can nurture those prospects to convert into potential leads for your business. Surely acquisition can help you to bring more customers. But in the long run, you need to update your conversion funnel to acquire better juice flow into your money site.


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