05 Proven Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate Throughout Your Revenue Funnel

Are you in search of methods to enhance conversion at all phases of Sales/Revenue funnel? This blog is for you people! I have listed out some of the brilliant ways that you can consider to increase the conversion rate of your revenue funnel.

Before I talk about the important tips and methods, it’s significant for you to develop a comprehension of revenue funnel. What are the different stages in the revenue funnel? What do you need to optimize so as to get better conversions? Just catch a glimpse on the blog and get to know about this.

What Is Sales Funnel?

About Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel (aliased as Revenue Funnel) is the route the visitors of your website follow along the way to purchase any product or service. In this funnel, you will notice that certain people are always at the top, while others make their path to the very end of the funnel.

And the excellent news is that you hold the authority on the number of people approaching the rear end of the funnel.

Think as if you own a brick and mortar business. This will help you understand the concept of revenue funnel better.

The individuals who were at the top of the funnel visit the shop. A salesperson welcomed them and provides assistance. A prospect approaches the Clearance sale section and looks through the shelf. At that moment, a salesperson as associates with him and tells that he could get further discounts on making a purchase of 2 or more T-Shirts.

Brick and Mortar Business

The prospect gets fascinated by the offer and adds 3 of the t-shirts to her basket. Then, at the retail outlet, the salesperson again associates with the prospect and says that there is a similar offer in case of sunglasses. The prospect includes sunglasses also to his acquisitions.

The process doesn’t end here. The prospects return after 2 weeks or so to make another purchase as he is very much enticed by the offer you provide.

The same approach applies to online retail stores only. Here, there is no salesperson to guide you. Rather, there are web pages that you can navigate through and get the best deal.

Stages Of Revenue Funnel

These are the six stages of revenue funnel. You can understand the stages this way or you can simply consider this procedure as a ring. Prospects make their way from the outside of the ring to inside.

Sales Ring
Sales Ring

Let us now discuss this sales ring in brief and get educated about it.

  • Entice the community that is not familiar with your trade.
  • Now, engage with the ones who knows somewhat about your enterprise, but haven’t yet connected.
  • Some people may commit to make a buy from your website. Connect with them and educate them about your brand.
  • Convert the consumers who are willing to buy.
  • Get acquainted with the ones who had already made a purchase from your store.

Without further ado, let us now talk over some of the proven tactics to increase your conversion rate.

Utilize a conversion rate optimization scheme based on the available data

Conversion Rate Optimization

In case, you already make use of the tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Pixels, congrats… you’re on the right track. These tools will help you determine which of the data you could work and improvise so as to optimize your website.

There might be some pages on your website that are performing brilliantly and people spend lots of time there.

All the traders want people to spend a great deal of time on their money site. Make your pages so enticing that the people can’t resist inquiring more about it.

Just identify the pages on your website that aren’t working appropriately and optimize them. This will help to attain better conversions more effectively.

Optimize your revenue funnel

Sales Funnel

Now, you are already aware of what revenue funnel is and what are the different stages associated with it. All you need to do is to perceive each of the stages and try to optimize them.

Chris Goward once stated that :

“We listen to our gut, then test what it says. We create best practices, then test them. We listen to opinions, then we [test] them. We hear the advice of experts, then test it.”

You need to begin with trusting your gut feeling. Then, take suggestions and specialist’s advice and run a few tests. This will help you unravel the tactics by which you can improve your conversion rate.

Ascertain if your offer is perfect for your targeted group of onlookers


There is a possibility that the offer to provide to your customers is not appropriate for them. I researched on this and what I found was interesting. Some of the people have a craving for free webinars while others completely disregard them.

You will get to know what your audience wants by testing it against some other lead magnet.

Optimize the design of your web pages

Web Page Designs

You may not give attention to the design of your web pages. But, believe me… It matters a lot. You need to know what website design your target audience prefers and start working in accordance with it.

Let me share my experience with you. My targeted group of onlookers is minimalistic and so I keep the design of my web pages simple yet attractive.

Having a simplistic design also ensures that your website visitors remain focused on the detail which is really substantial.

Build trust with customer testimonials

Build Trust

Well, adding customer testimonials onto your website can build loyalty and trust amongst your customers. You can make a good relationship with your audience by providing them with the testimonials from your loyal customers. Let them know the opinions of your customers and get some assistance in making their purchase decision.


Kwik Funnels

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