How To Optimize Your Mobile Conversion Rates In 2019?

Are your website’s mobile conversion rates getting reduced in 2019? If you don’t know how to do mobile conversion optimization for your business site, then you have come to the most suitable landscape of the web. In this blog, we will walk along the path of best things you can practice for increasing mobile conversion rates of your website this year. Hence, there we go!!

Before moving on, first, let’s talk about mobile conversion in brief. What you people comprehend by the term “mobile conversion rates”? Mobile conversion rates resemble the number of folks who end up buying something from your website on mobile. The number of people purchasing something on mobile from your site, the higher mobile conversion rate goes.


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Is this simple? Of course, not! However, not impossible to achieve. You have to walk a few extra miles to make the best of it. Below are some excellent ways to optimize your mobile conversion rates. Let’s check out!


Keep An Eye On Your Website Performance On Mobile:


Mobile interface of your website should be top-notch. Bad mobile interface of your website can roll down your tears. So, be extremely attentive towards this thing. The best you can do for this is to keep an eye on your website performance on mobile.  You have to look after the following aspects-

Loading Time-

That is one of the essential traits that set the upright barometer for your website performance on mobile. Less loading time of your site on mobile can be a game changer for your business. That drives people to use your site more and more.

According to various studies, it has found that if a particular site doesn’t get open within 3 seconds, then users leave it and move forward to look for another one. So, you have only three seconds. Your website loading time should be under 3 seconds. Hence, visitors don’t have to wait for long.

Less complicated design-

It’s a fact that different websites posse different designs and structures. It’s okay to give your website enticing appearance vis-a-vis overall impression, but don’t make it look complicated. Users often feel perplexed when coming across websites used complex attributes. Homepage of your site should be as clear as crystal to fathom.  

Not just only homepage, also the landing page, separate product pages, and sales pages of your site should be like well-crafted and to the point. When we’re talking about different pages of an e-commerce site, so, it is quite crucial to mention one of the best tools you can use to create these pages like a professional. It is none other than Kwik Funnels. With the help of this tool, you can enjoy the following features-




Creation Of Unlimited Pages-

With the assistance of Kwik Funnels, you can create an unlimited number of pages for your website like landing pages, lead magnets, long-form sales pages, individual product pages, custom checkout pages, upsell pages, downsell pages, or any other kind of marketing page you want to design.

Complete Marketing Funnels-

With Kwik Funnels you not only create an unlimited number of standalone marketing pages on your domain, but you can now design full product funnels with landing pages > upsells > downsells > checkout pages > and a thank you page.


Autocomplete Implementation:


No wonder, Google is the biggest and most successful search engine in the world. But do you know why? It consists of facets that somewhat missed in other search engine platforms. And the best part of Google is its autocomplete capability. Autocomplete works like a helper when people want to learn about something on Google. Similarly, you should use the autofill feature for your site. So, visitors can easily find out things for which they are looking.


Make Use Of Tempting Images:


Images have become a heart element of the website’s content nowadays. According to a study, content with images get 94% more views opposed to content without images. Therefore, you can understand the importance of images when it comes to arresting people entirely towards your website. Read below suggestions regarding creating best images for your website-

  • Use images that can easily evoke people’s emotions.
  • You can use images of people using your product.


Use Products In Videos:


Undivided concentration plays an active role in captivating visitors completely towards your site. And when we are talking about attention and all, then what works better than videos regarding this. According to studies, videos attract viewers the most in comparison to various other elements of the websites. Make videos that showcase the use of your products. People love to watch “how to use” kind of videos. So, get to know insights about your business in and out.


Include engaging Call-To-Action:


Mobile conversion rate somewhat chiefly depends on the call-to-action characteristic. The more powerful your CTA will be, the higher your mobile conversion rates will be. CTA action on mobile website interface must include the following feature-

  • It should communicate the benefits of using call-to-action.
  • Must use powerful words in CTA. So, evoke people to take immediate action.


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Go Easy With Payment System:


Laggy payment system of e-commerce sites often makes people annoyed while purchasing goods and stuff. It gets double fold in case of mobile websites, as there is a shortage of spaces and all. Hence, keep the payment system of your website manageable and comprehensible, so people won’t leave your site in the midway of making payment.

You can use Google Pay, PayPal, and all other best digital payment platforms to make your checkout process highly secure.

Make Use Of  SMS Push Notifications:


SMS is a great source to generate higher mobile conversion rates. If you want to make the most out of mobile marketing, then must integrate it with your website’s mobile interface as soon as possible. According to studies, SMS push notifications foster engagement rates by more than 88%.


These are some of the best things you can do this year to amplifying your mobile conversion rates in 2019. According to recent statistics of 2019, there are about 5.1 billion mobile users in the world. That’s why the mobile compatibility of your website can make your business grow in no time. So, make your business site completely mobile friendly. Hence, people can use it without facing any glitches.

Do you have more suggestions vis-a-vis this subject? So, please tell me in the comment section below.  


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