How To Craft A Profitable Conversion Funnel From Scratch?

Being a marketer, what your goals are? To acquire traffic, build an audience, and better conversions?

If you haven’t designed your sales funnel, you may feel that designing one is a daunting task. All your audiences maintains their position at the very top level of the funnel, and it takes alot to bring them to the rear end of the funnel.

Yes, it’s toilsome to create a successful sales funnel. But it’s not unachievable!

It does require time and exertion, but mark my words….”This task can be done by anyone.”

The Fundamentals Of A Productive Sales Funnel

Before I plunge into the points of interest of structuring one, it’s vital to characterize the key constituents of a funnel and how they should collaborate to generate sales.

A revenue funnel is just a progression of steps that you configure to direct guests toward a purchasing choice.

A simplistic revenue funnel may appear like this-

Revenue Funnel

Revenue funnels can help you carry out lot of things:

  • Make cognizance for your product, brand or service.
  • Arouse enthusiasm for what you bring to the table.
  • Bring out a longing for acquisition through comprehension.
  • Encourage leads execute a desired activity.
  • Direct leads over the funnel to the ultimate purchase.

In a productive funnel, this process iterates, resulting in maximum numbers of conversions.

A conversion funnel is an unremitting process of acquiring, retaining and enhancing your dream audience while making use of latest technologies, social networking platforms, and similar tools so as to accomplish their goal easily and efficiently. It’s lead sustaining, comportment targeting, referrals, and retention, all folded into one advertising strategy.

Sounds stupefying?  It’s not… Just shoot it down into various parts and carry out each of them separately.

#1. Acquiring Audience

How to arouse interest in your products and services among your audience? You need to encourage people so that they wish to gather more details about them.

There are various platforms that you can refer online and acquire an audience. But, should you strive for quality or quantity?

Conversion Funnel

For some of the marketers, the objective is to get the funnel filled as swiftly as possible, no matter how well the quality of the lead is!

If you are hoping for the maximum number of conversions, you need to adopt a strategy to pull in quality prospects that have a decent shot at changing over to lucrative customers.

Have a look at the wonderful example from Organifi. This enterprise trades in health supplements and juices.

Healthy Life

Pay attention to how they have fabricated their tagline-

“Live a healthier life in just one minute a day.”

With this, they have triggered the value thing their customers are seeking for! They are reassuring that they can help their customers to prevail in a healthier way of living in just one minute a day.

A copy of this sort is very tempting and it can enhance the number of signups on your website.

#2. Encourage Activity

When a customer arrives at the landing page of your website, take a step forth and connect with them on an emotional level. This is a great tactic to build a strong bond with your customers so as to facilitate the remaining sales process.

One approach to achieve this is by ensuring that your landing page is harmonious to your ad copy.

If the customer finds your landing page content different from your ad content, he will get bewildered and straightaway takes an exit from your online store.

Let us take another example of Organifi to develop a perception in this notion-

Facebook Ad Example

Notice how the Facebook ad starts, it is focusing on elderly people with a lower rate of metabolism. It provokes the problem areas of its targeted customers and  that’s the reason it generates more number of ad clicks.

The title states, How Can Organifi Help You?

What would a customer expect by seeing this advertisement? A landing page that demonstrates numerous products of Organifi? And that’s what the customer is provided with!

By tapping on the Learn More button on the ad, you will be navigated to their official site where you can find out a wide range of juices that Organifi has to propose.

Health Supplements And Juices

At the purchase stage, you may have collected the email addresses of your customers. Now it’s the time to reap the benefits of email marketing. You may be astonished to know that email marketing yields better return on investments than any other marketing channels accessible on the web.

#3. Design Your Conversion Funnel Content Strategy

Provide quality content to your customers that connects with them along the stages of sales funnel. Snaring emails and delivering ad copies isn’t enough. It’s about integrating messaging that drives your customers down the sales funnel most qualified way possible.

Sales Funnel Strategy
Sales Funnel Strategy

Let’s assume that you utilize a sales funnel software to shape a more efficient sales team.

For a quality lead generation, you may write blogs for your website stating the significance of your software. Offer people something in lieu of email provided by your customers on the website. May it be a free video or ebook at the closure of your blog posts.

Most of the marketers remain constrained to achieve new customers and that’s it. This isn’t the point where you should stop. You should go ahead and nurture your customers so  as to gain maximum benefits.

Certainly, its way too easy to retain your existing prospects than to acquire a new one. With a software like Kwik Funnels, this procedure gets simplified even more. It’s the world’s best drag and drop funnel builder that make sales and conversions better. Designing web pages haven’t been this simple before!

Sales Funnel Software

Studies have found that the loyalty program motivates repeat customers. Customers have accepted the fact that the loyalty schemes encourage them do business deals with an enterprise the most.

Just design a straightforward loyalty scheme, especially when you’re executing this for the very first time. Following are the key constituents that need to be taken into consideration-

The primary objective of loyalty schemes is to encourage customers to make a purchase again from your site in the near future. One smart step would be to remunerate your prospects for taking some actions like registrations, referrals, and social shares.

You also need to ease the process by which your prospects can redeem their awards so that they could use it for future purchases from the site.

In case you’re putting forth a straightforward promotion code, consider what items you’ll be provided through that promotion. Consider the rate rebate you can offer to your prospects on your current products. Actually, the measure of remunerations you offer isn’t so critical as the convenience of your loyalty scheme.


Keep this in mind, conversion cycle is a continuous one. This method is variable and communication with your prospects are always in progress. The needs of your prospects will not remain same, and so you need to keep your website and the software upgraded so as to serve the needs of your customers.

With these steps you can create a profitable conversion funnel with a scratch. Keep questioning yourself what you can perform to reach upto the expectations of your customers. Learning this would be a great assistance in filling up your revenue funnel and make them knock the doors of your retail store very often.


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