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What Is Sales Funnel and Why Is It Important For Business?

Every entrepreneur might have thought of this question, “What is the most effective marketing to get more sales for the business?”. Regrettably, there is no answer to this question. Even, if you invest a lot to drive adequate traffic on your website, ultimately you don’t have any surety to convert them into sales. Instead of looking for a single marketing technique to gain customers, you should think about streamlining your current marketing and sales efforts. As it might help you to create channel flow to your driven traffic, which may result in giving you more conversions for your business. To create a sales flow in your business, you need to implement sales funnel in your marketing tactics.

If you are a beginner to online marketing, you might be thinking-What is a sales funnel?

In this article, you will learn about the sales funnel, its importance, and how to utilise it in your industry to gain more sales opportunities for your business.

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What’s a Sales Funnel?

It is a process of targeting the visitors of your website to convert them into potential customers. The journey from the conversion of traffic to potential leads and then converting them into sales is called the Sales funnel process.


It functions just like a regular funnel, which collects the liquid from its front end and narrows its path to make liquid flow down to the base. In the sales funnel, you can suppose the liquid part is the traffic coming to your website. While you need to pipeline the incoming traffic prospects and try to convert those into sales for your business.


In the front-end of your marketing funnel, you need to advertise your brand to drive more incoming traffic on your website.


Give them special offers and deals to convert those visitors into potential customers for your business.

Nurture Leads:

To convert potential customers or warm leads into the real customer, you need to enhance your relationship with them. With a little bit of encouragement, you could be able to convert those warm leads into sales.


By providing quality service to your customers, you could be able to earn their loyalty, which might also help you to gain more referrals.

Why You Need Sales Funnel For Your Business?

If you don’t have a funnel flow in your marketing, then trying to gain viewers and converting them into customers can be a difficult task. It would be like shooting targets in the darkness. Without having a proper flow in your marketing, you won’t be able to guide your customers to buy from your side. That may cause leakage in your marketing tactics, which can make you lose sales opportunities.


There might be a possibility that viewers are coming to your site but then dropping off after checking your website. Without having a proper sales funnel, you won’t be able to monitor such activities. And you won’t be able to find out the reason why people are dropping off from your website without investing in your brand products.

After reading the above context, you might have already decided to implement sales funnel in your marketing tactics. However, if you want to achieve proper goals using funnel marketing, then Kwik Funnels is the best option that you can have.

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About KwikFunnels

It is a funnel building software using which you can create your funnel easily with its drag and drop funnel building feature. KwikFunnels is a perfect SaaS tool for small and mid-size enterprises while it also lets you build successful sales funnel for large-scale companies.


Here are shown the steps following which you can create a quick sales funnel using KwikFunnels.

Step 1: 

Go to the website of KwikFunnels and opt for the plan to buy the plugin of KwikFunnels for your website.


Step 2: 

It will direct you to the registration page where you need to fill your contact information.


Step 3: 

After checking out the payment, you would receive an email, which has complete details of your license and plugin zip file.

Step 4: 

Log in to the WordPress editor of your website and go to the plugin option. Here you need to install the zip file of KwikFunnels plugin.


Step 5: 

After installing this plugin, you would find a KwikFunnels option just below the dashboard option. It will take you to the KwikFunnels section.

Step 6: 

In the first section, you can create the structure of your funnel. Here you can check all the funnels working on your website while you can also create a new funnel by clicking on the button – Create New Funnel.


Step 7: 

In the second section, here you can create pages for your website. Here you have two options- All Offer Pages and Create New Offer Pages.

Step 8: 

By clicking on the Create new offer pages button, you can add more pages to your website. Here you have so many options with the templates. From there you can select and create sales pages, landing pages, checkout page, thank you page and other pages, etc.


Step 9: 

There you can also create up-sell/down-sell pages for your website to enhance the conversion rate for your business. Here, you also have the option to create a custom check-out page for your website.


Note: Before creating any checkout page or thankyou page, you need to make sure to add products to Cart. Since the checkout features don’t work with an empty cart.

Step 10: 

Next, you have the product section from where you can add products you want to sell on your e-commerce site.


Step 11: 

After that, you have the order section. From here you can check the orders which you have received till now.


Step 12: 

Below that, you have a report section, from there you can check the number of orders you have got, the value of the product you have sold yet, how many visitors to your page, top-performing products, your referrals, and card abandoned rate as well.


Step 13: 

Next, you have a setting option where you have to activate the licensing before using the KwikFunnels plugin software.


Step 14: 

There you have the option to add Google and Facebook adverts code which you have integrated with your webpage. Here, you can also add Paypal and Instamojo to your website for payment options.


Step 15: 

There you also have the option to add Facebook Live chat and WhatsApp to your website. Using which you can connect with your customers to nurture the relationship. You can also integrate it with third-party email automation software like Aweber, MailChimp, Get Response, etc.

Step 16: 

After integrating your email tracking software, you can check all the emails from there only. From there, you can also keep an eye on your email marketing campaign.


Step 17: 

Below that, you have the option to add affiliates to your business website. From there, you can create a new affiliate.


Step 18: 

In the end, you have the document section. In this section, you will find all the details about your funnel. From here, you have the information about the short-codes for the CTA button, emails, up-sell/down-sells page, checkout page and thank you page, etc.


By following the above-shown steps, you can create your marketing funnel for your website. To know about how to use KwikFunnels software, you can check the video shown here:

Tips to Improve Your Sales funnel:

Make Use of Multiple Marketing Channels:

To gain more customers on your website, you should make use of multiple marketing channels. That way, you could be able to gain attract more viewers on your website, which you can target to convert them into sales. While you can include Social Media marketing, off-page SEO, PPC and email advertising to your marketing campaign. It will help you to raise the number of visitors on your website.

Check The Effectiveness of Your Marketing Campaigns:

To check the performance of your marketing campaigns, you need to analyse the web traffic coming to your website. That way, you could be able to learn about the marketing channels which are performing better and attracting more web traffic on your page. Based on that, you can also enhance your marketing tactics.


Add Engaging Blogs to Your Website:

With engaging and interactive blog content, you could be able to attract more audience on your website. It can also help you to improve the SEO of your website. That way, you can enhance your reach with the audience while you can also interact with the audience to raise sales for your business.

Hear to The Queries of Customers:

If your client is asking any questions about your product, you need to clear their queries. There are chances that other people may have similar queries about your brand. And by adding the answer, you could be able to enhance the sales conversion of your website.

Add More Than One CTA on Your Website:

You should have multiple CTA buttons on the different stages of your marketing funnel. By doing so, you can enhance the chances of getting more sales opportunities. People can be on the different stages of the sales funnel – some of them already subscribed on your platform while others may have been researching. By giving them special offers, you can grab their attention and convince them to invest in your site.

Nurture Your Prospects:

Don’t give up on the leads which leaked out from your funnel. You should reach them with attractive offerings which they can’t deny. That way, you can also enhance customer relationships, and you could be able to gain loyal customers for your business.


Re-target Those Who Abandoned Their Cart:

There might be a possibility that people selected some products to put in the cart, but can’t be able to purchase in the end. In such a case, you need to re-target such visitors with other offers. That way, you might be able to draw their attention and gain sales for your business.

Summing Up:

With a well-built funnel, you could be able to control the sales flow in your business. Gaps in your funnel can make you lose your potential leads. While you need to make sure to avoid leakage in your sales pipeline. That way, you can narrow down the customer’s path at each stage (Awareness, Conversion, Nurture, Referrals) of your funnel. And in the end, you can get more sales conversion for your business.

Of course, we are ready to hear your thoughts about the sales funnel. You can share us with your views and experience about funnel marketing in the comment section given below.


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