08 Top Social Media Lead Generation Tactics You Should Consider

Before talking about social media lead generation tactics, it’s so important to discuss what we understand by the term lead. Business leads play a crucial role when it comes to marketing. They bridge the gap between enterprises and customers. They help companies to come in touch with the most potential prospects for their services and products. 

Lead generation starts as a process when people show interest in some business’s products or services. If the inquiry made by them considered as a substantial step towards the company, then the lead gets transformed into a potential chance for firms to do business. Then, companies follow-up leads to pass meaningful information about their services via different marketing channels. In which, social media is the most prominent than all!

Well, coming back to the main topic, why it’s imperative to consider social media lead generation hacks? This question can get answered in multiple ways. Start with yourself. How many of you respond substantially to cold calls? Very few. Right! However, according to a study, about 76% of customers prefer to have a conversation with enterprises on social media. 


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Making use of social media has become the best way for businesses to implement lead generation methods. Are you not extracting high-quality leads for your business through social media? Then, making a blunder. But it’s never too late! Buck up and follow these following social media lead generation tips to make the most out of your business. 


Top Lead Generation Tactics Using Social Media Landscape- 


Practice Gated-Content Forms: 


What you guys comprehend by Gated content? It means what it sounds. It is a type of online material which people cannot access without unlocking it with some information exchange. That information can be data like your name, email id, or anything. If people are curious enough to know something or seriously looking for solutions to some questions, then they have to go through the gated content. 

While using social media for business lead generation, you can market gated content by sharing links to landing pages. So, people provide their data before using its different elements. 

Some people might don’t get convinced fully and most probably not provide any information for your gated-content. On the other side, if some people are interested and want to access it anyhow. Then, providing a little about their data is not something they cannot perform. 

For example, if you have posted content related to your business services and products (it should be ultimately). If keen readers complete the entire form before getting access, become a prominent lead for your business.   

Promotion of gated content through social media platforms is the best way to accumulate in-depth information concerning potential prospects. Also, the scheme of gated-content play a supplementary role in many of the social media lead generation hacks given below. 


There are various types of gated-content present like white papers, case studies, webinars, videos, and many more. So, you should experiment with all of them and gauge which form works best for your business.


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Host Contests On Social Media:

It is another best trick you can apply for social media lead generation strategies. However, your hosted contests should fulfill the two most essential norms for becoming workable. First, they should be exciting enough, so people can take an interest in them. Second, they must get drafted according to the likes and dislikes of the people who most possibly will become your business prospects. 

After all, anyone can become engaged to participate in a contest for getting free mobile phones or trip to some foreign locations. But, what’s the guarantee that their contact information is fairly valuable for your company. That’s why the contests you host must get aligned with the potential leads in the first place, other than folks who are more excited just in winning free goodies. 

So, what you should offer as a prize for your contests. Well, free trials of your products and services is an amiable option. It motivates people to use your services as well as make them more acquainted with your business. As a result, people who are engrossed in your business niche find it worthy enough to give a shot. 


Execute Social Media Advertising:


Organic social media posts can only provide business leads at a particular diameter, but advertising on social platforms takes this target game to altogether new dimension. By social media advertising, you can select immensely potential customers for your business. Use of targeted audience for promoting gated-content is a smart way to keep advertising costs low while collecting leads under a specific barometer. 

Due to the evolution happened in social media advertising, now different social networks have their inbuilt ad formats. Consequently, marketers can use them to target people from any social media hub individually. 


Facebook lead ads- 

Facebook leads ads to have one chief advantage over gated-content. They automatically get populated with the user’s contact information. So, at least get two or three clicks from a solid lead to connect. You can select how much information is needed moreover get considerable knowledge regarding potential customers. But, don’t ask for too much data as it can make users second-guessing your service authenticity. 

Instagram lead ads-

As we all know, Facebook is the owner of Instagram. Facebook lead ads also display on Instagram if designed according to its nature.  However, Facebook lead ads work distinctively on Instagram as they do on Facebook. Instagram only populate the lead forms with data like name, email id, phone number, and gender. So, if you want additional informational data, then people have to type it in the form. 

Instagram leads ads to appear on mobile devices only, which takes 40% longer time to type in than on a desktop. So, you must ask for extra information if it’s a must for initial sales endeavors. 

LinkedIn Lead Forms- 

Like Facebook, LinkedIn also pre-populate the user’s information from their profiles. That makes the information sharing process very easy for potential prospects. As we know, LinkedIn is a professional online space, so it consists of information regarding potential customers revolving mainly around their education, academics, school, degree, and all. LinkedIn lead generation forms require no typing that make them easy to complete even on mobile phones. 


Make Use Of Facebook Custom Ads:

According to a survey, about 66% of Millennials from the United States follow brands on Facebook to get information concerning discounts, coupons, and contests- the principal elements regarding social media lead generation. 

Your company’s Facebook page is one of the most reliable places you can pick to extract the best of best leads for your company. Tabs are nothing but the menu items present at the left side of the Facebook page. Majority of businesses make use of all the Facebook tabs such as About, Event, and Photos. However, they can also customize their page tabs by using Facebook page customization applications or work with some developers to develop them from scratch. 

Well, you can also create best lead generation pages for your domain by accessing online sales funnel builder tools like Kwik Funnels. By using it, marketers can develop unlimited standalone lead magnet pages. It also provides brilliant integrational functionalities with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Aweber, Mailchimp, Active Campaign for easy third-party tracking and automated email marketing sequences. To get more information about its feature, you can click here


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Host Hangouts, Live Videos, Or Webinar:


I have mentioned above that webinars are one of the best engaging gated content forms. Live videos and Google+ hangouts are video options that can also serve as the best lead generation tactics. There are two main approaches you can take vis-a-vis generating leads with hangouts, live video, and webinars. First, offer video as gated-content to the audience that demands user’s contact information. Second, present the video to an extended audience and generate leads in the best ways. 

In videos, you can tell viewers about different contests, offers, and aspects such as the landing page of your website or a custom tab of your Facebook page. You can also motivate viewers to interact during live videos by offering participation rewards. Try to be specific with the video concerning your business niche. It might generate fewer leads, but they will be strong enough for your services.


Utilize Geo-Targeted Search:

Geo-targeting is one of the best maneuvers you can implement for finding the most relevant local customers for your business. Brick-and-mortar businesses make use of this strategy, especially to find local prospects concerning their services. However, way fewer companies are making effective use of geo-targeting to unveil regional leads. 


For example, if you’re using social media lead generation methods for a dental practice in downtown London. Who will be the best leads for your business? Of course, people suffering from any oral health issues in downtown London. Right! Implementation of appropriate Geo-targeting techniques helps you to reach out to the most credible customers for your services. Later, you can direct them to lead generation form to invite to your business. 

Online businesses can also get benefited from geo-targeted search. Think about this: You can utilize geo-targeting search to track the tweets coming from some industrial venue. Then, you can discover more about those people by granting special customer offers such as free app trials or just a simple hello to building an affable bond with them. 


Implement Social Media Monitoring:


Social media monitoring also called as social media listening is all about having a virtual ear to the ground. It helps you to recognize what’s going on in your industry, what’s being said about your company, what your competitors are talking about your services, and all. It’s a crucial source to find out substantial insights for all the potential leads who want to interact with your business. 

By monitoring significant keywords and social media handles of businesses, you can discover conversations people are having in connection with your services and products. As an outcome, you can get in front of individuals behind this buzz to make an authentic trade connection. You can also share information in the form of gated-content or anything valuable regarding your business with them to take this association way further. 


Involve In Social Selling: 

It is a process when a salesperson makes use of social media platforms to engage directly with their business prospects. Through this method, business-people provide valuable content to candidates to motivate them to make a buy from your business. Social selling is all about developing relationships with potential customers as a part of the sales process. 

According to a recent study, it has come-up that social selling increases the business leads in a big way. Also, the use of social selling tools is the central purpose of B2B professionals for lead development. 

These were the top 08 social media lead generation tactics you should consider in the first place. Generation of business leads via social media has proved a game-changer for businesses in terms of making a lot of money. However, execution of all these strategies require great analysis work, so no stone left unturned vis-a-vis filtering potential business leads. 


Do you want to share your take away regarding this topic? Yes! So, please comment in the section below. 


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