How To Build A Profitable Social Media Sales Funnel?

These days, most of the marketers rely on social media marketing to enhance the sales for their business. Social media not only helps marketers to gain engagement while it can also improve their overall marketing from a content perspective.

Most of the companies are trying to enhance their presence on social media. With regular and aesthetic posts, they might be able to gain the attention of the audience. However, if they would like to generate potential leads for their business, then implementing social media sales funnel in their marketing tactics is the best option they have.

So , are you also planning to enhance your social media marketing campaign?

If yes, then you have landed in the right place. As here you will find some fascinating ideas for implementing a sales funnel in your social media marketing campaign.

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What is a Conversion/Sales funnel?

You might know about traditional sales funnel – It is a method in which you need to target audience and try to convert them into potential leads for your business.  In the process, the path goes narrower as it proceeds further.


Initially, you need to increase the awareness of audience about your brand. In the next step, you need to generate leads and nurture them to enhance the sales prospects. And at the end, it would help you to generate more conversions for your business.

But here the question arises that how can you implement sales funnel in your social media marketing campaign?

Social Media Sales Funnel

From my experience, social media platforms are the top priority for marketing options we have. Being socially active gives an advantage for enhancing the relationship with the audience. That way, a marketer could be able to attract more traffic on their money site. In such a case, you can make use of a funnel to drive those audiences and try to convert them into potential leads.


At the top of the funnel, social media can help marketers to drive more audience while they can also utilise it to nurture sales conversions for their business. If you see, with social media marketing you could be able to cover each section of your sales funnel.


In the starting, marketers need to make people aware of their brand’s services and products. Social media is the best platform to make strangers aware of your brand and services. By enhancing the brand awareness, you could be able to earn the trust of your potential prospect. Later, you can target such prospects and convert them into your customers.


Once people come to know about a brand product, you need to nurture relationships with customers. This is the part of the funnel, where you are looking for the people who are interested in products and services similar to yours. Through social media, you can interact with such people and encourage them to invest in your brand’s products or services.


As social media campaign will start progressing, people would get more aware of the brand. You might be able to gain likes and comments on your content. At this part of the funnel, you need to convince such audience that you can provide better products and services within competitive price value.


With social media marketing campaign, you would start getting more engagement on your platform. In this part of the funnel, you need to interact with such audiences and encourage them to enhance sales conversions for your business.


At the end of the funnel, you need to improve relationships with customers. You can interact encourage them to invest in your brand and also refer to other users.

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Create Your Own Social Media Funnel

By running campaigns on social media, you could be able to find potential leads. While using funnelling techniques, you can target those leads to convert them into sales. You might be wondering how to implement funnel techniques with social media marketing campaign. 


Here are shown some points using which you can execute funnel techniques with social media marketing:-

Start with a strategy:

Without having a clear goal in the mindset, you wouldn’t be able to execute successful sales funnel for social media campaign. While you need to be considerate about the effect of social media campaigning in your marketing strategy.

With highly engaging content, you could be able to attract more audience. And by posting content which is related to your brand product, you can enhance the awareness of your brand.

Platform-Based Strategies:

Instead of spreading marketing efforts too thin on different social media platforms, marketers need to prioritise the platforms in which they have more engagement so that they could be able to target a larger audience. For example, you can start marketing campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where you have the chances of getting more engagement on your content.

Check Your Conversions:

Occasionally, you need to check the traffic coming from your social media marketing. While you should also notice the sales conversion, which you are getting from that traffic. It will help you to learn about the impression of your brand and make improvements accordingly. That way, you could be able to bring more conversions and ROI.


While you are nurturing potential sales prospects using social media marketing, it doesn’t mean that your target audiences are new visitors only. You can also target your social media efforts at the different stages of the marketing funnel. That way, you could be able to gain more sales opportunities. To target potential customers at different levels of sales funnel, you need to create more landing and checkout pages for your business website.  By creating social media backlinks to the landing pages of the website, you could be able to gain more engagement. You can utilise that engagement to convert those into real deals.

For that, you need to have multiple landing pages which you can target from the different sections of your marketing funnels. In such a case, you can make use of the world’s best drag and drop funnel builder – i.e. KwikFunnels.

About KwikFunnels-

It is an online sales funnel builder which helps you to create flow in your marketing. That way, you could be able to attract more traffic on your website while you can direct that flow of traffic to enhance your sales opportunities. Using KwikFunnels, you can create an effortless flow in your marketing (Awareness > Landing pages > Upsells > Downsells > Checkout pages > Thankyou). That can help you to increase the ROI of your business.


Create Unlimited Pages With KwikFunnels:

Using KwikFunnels, you can create n number of stand-alone landing pages on a particular website. For example, you can create a webpage showing free shipping offers, or create multiple landing and checkout pages. While you can also create upselling, down selling and custom checkout pages for your website.

Wrapping words:

To conclude this, I wouldn’t hesitate to say that with “funnel mindset”, you have a much better chance of leading social media marketing campaign. Although it won’t be easy to target any specific type of funnel with social media marketing, however, you need to be more optimistic.

These are the ideas for implying sales funnel with social media marketing campaign, utilising which you could be able to generate more engagement on your business site. And in the end, you could have better chances to gain more sales and enhance ROI for your business.

We would also like to hear your views on social media sales funnel. You can write to us in the comment section given below.


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