What Is A Squeeze Page and How To Create One?

With the era of technological advancement, new things are coming, and old things are dying. Many of the marketers believe that email marketing is not as effective as it was before, and it will die soon after some time.

Do you also believe the same?  

You shouldn’t believe it since emails still have a lot more capacity to deliver exceeding results for your business. If you are not happy with your current email marketing results, then you need to create squeeze pages on your website. Do you know actually – What is a squeeze page? Here we are going to understand more about squeeze page and how to create one to enhance your email marketing.

What Is A Squeeze Page?

Basically, it is a type of landing page using which you could be able to gain more subscribers and email contacts on your website. That way you can target such subscribers those who are interested in your services. And it can help you to increase the sales conversion of your business.


In simple terms, we can also say that a squeeze page of a website collects the email contacts of the subscribers. You can target such subscribers to convert them into potential customers for your business.

Even though squeeze page can be called as a type of landing page still it’s quite different from a traditional landing page.

What Is The Difference Between A Squeeze Page And A Landing Page?

As we have understood above that squeeze page is a subtype of the landing page only. The landing page is the stand-alone page of the website, which aims to attract more traffic and to create more opportunities for sales.

We can also say that it creates a funnel path for your business page, which attracts visitors and converts them into potential leads. The overall impact of a landing page can help you to bring more sales conversions for your business, which is also the reason such pages are called sales pages or sales landing pages.


On the other hand, the single purpose of a squeeze page is to collect contacts of the visitors of the website. Compare to the sales page it doesn’t have much information about the products and services. However, you can add some offers to your squeeze page, which might help you to attract more visitors to subscribe to your website.

Let’s take an example:

I have been checking out the articles of social media examiners and found an amusing offer on its squeeze page.


As a marketer, who doesn’t want to get a free copy of the latest social media insights. There you can see that already 390,000 have already subscribed to the website to take their free copy.

With such offers, it becomes easy for companies to collect more contact for their email marketing. Later they can target those contacts to gain more sales opportunities for their business.

One more good thing about squeeze page is that it provides the implicit offer which visitor can either take or reject and leave the page. You don’t need to put extra effort to create a long content, CTA’s or hyperlinks on the squeeze page.


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What Makes The Squeeze Page More Effective?

  • It doesn’t require too much content. You simply need to present an offer in front of your visitors and ask for their email contacts in return.
  • With squeeze page, you can directly take the opinion of your visitor, either they are interested in your products/services or not.
  • Not like other landing pages which have many CTA buttons, squeeze page has simple one CTA button.

Here we have another example of a squeeze page:

Just from a look, you can see that the given squeeze page is offering a free copy of a report on WordPress SEO. To take the offer, users need to submit their email contacts.


Here the visitors can directly put their email information to claim their free copy of the report. And there you have only one CTA button. Yes! I want it!

You can also create such amazing squeeze pages for your business website using the world’s best funnel builder – KwikFunnels.

About KwikFunnels:

It is an online sales funnel builder which helps the business to increase sales opportunities and enhance the chances of conversions. To put it in simple words, it provides flow to the incoming traffic of the website, which leads to getting more sales conversions for the business.


Amazing Features Of KwikFunnels:

Create Unlimited Pages

Using KwikFunnels, you can create a countless number of stand-alone pages on your single website domain. You can create as many landing pages you want like sales page, upselling/down-selling pages, affiliate pages, squeeze pages, checkout pages, Thankyou pages. While you can also design custom checkout pages for your website.

Awesome Integrations:

You can easily integrate KwikFunnels with Google analytics and Facebook pixels to track the information about the incoming traffic from Google and Facebook. 

While you can also integrate tools like Aweber, MailChimp, Get Response and Active campaign to automate your email marketing.

With Squeeze page, you could be able to collect more email contacts which you can use with these third-party tools for your email marketing.

To know more about how to integrate email automation services to KwikFunnels, you can check the video shown here:

Funnel For Sales Conversions:

It let you create as many landing pages as you want while you can link these pages to create a sales flow in your business website. Web-traffic coming on the landing page will move to the upselling/down-selling page>checkout page> Thankyou page.


Track Performance:

Do you want to analyze the marketing performance of your funnel? The best thing about KwickFunnels is that it allows you to track and analyze the information about the user’s device, browser and geographical location. It will also show you the stats about the total successful checkouts and cart-abandon rate of your website. Based on that, you can improve your marketing strategies to enhance conversions in your business.

Custom Checkout Pages:

Kwikfunnels have lots of options with templates to create checkout pages. Still, if you want to create a custom checkout pages for your customers, here you have the options. You can use Kwikfunnels to create custom checkout pages and improvise it such that it will help you to decrease the abandoned carts.


How To Build A Squeeze Page For Your Business Website?

Start with Lead Magnets:-

To attract the attention of the audience on your website, you need to come up with some amazing offers. Most of the marketers provide freebie offers to their visitors to attract more potential leads for their business. These kinds of marketing tactics are also called lead magnets.

You can also assume lead magnets as opt-in bribes, but in order to survive in the competitive digital marketplace, you need to come up with the tactics to achieve success.

Landing Page Builder:

Now you have the lead magnets, which can help you to drive traffic to your website, you will be needed more landing pages. Here you need a type of landing page which can help you to get information about the visitors to your website. For that, you can choose the best landing pages builder software KwikFunnels. As you have learned from the above context that KwikFunnels can easily integrate with email automation services like Aweber, MailChimp etc. That way, you can email your targeted prospects to enhance the sales conversion for your business.


Give A Short But Strong Message:

At this point, now you are creating a squeeze page, you need to add a strong message content to grab the attention of visitors. Your content should not be too long and over-dramatic while it should be short and easy to convey your message to visitors.

Choose The Right Background Image:

Most of the marketers do overthink while choosing the background template or design for their squeeze page. You need to choose an image which represents your message in the best possible way. Make sure that the background looks attractive, and it should emphasize the message you want to convey with your audience.

Call To Action:

You need to have a powerful CTA button on your squeeze page. On the squeeze page, you have short content. There you can’t be able to add more than one call to action buttons. While you need to come up with a CTA button which has an eye-catching phrase.

For example, “Yes! I want it!”, “Start using for a trial period”, “Claim my spot” etc.


These kinds of CTAs are more effective than the buttons with simple phrases like, “Click here”, “Try for free” etc which you shouldn’t add on your squeeze page.


To sum it all, you can be sure that email marketing isn’t dead. While to keep your email marketing alive, you need to squeeze out more subscribers on your platform. Subscribers are like the lifeblood of email marketing. And by creating squeeze pages, you could be able to draw more subscribers on your website.

What about you?

Are you also having a squeeze page on your website? If yes, then you can also share your experience. Tell us about that in the comments below!



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